The Long MarchEdit

The Long March is a central strip extending from the northern to the southern tips of Midland containing the kingdoms of Men.  It is the largest region in Midland, containing several smaller kingdoms united (at least in name) under the Old Crown. Colloquially, it is sometimes referred to as "Hildra's Hike"

Kingdoms in the Long MarchEdit

Hildra and the Long MarchEdit

In the age of the Mythic Past, Men lived in a small kingdom to the north at Old Crown. The city was overcrowded and filthy, a problem made worse by the spread of Vyrminic diseases crafted by Orc shamans. It was during this time that the High Elves left Midland, retreating to Ylf and the Mistlands. With the High Elves and their magic gone, all hope seemed lost.

However, from Old Crown a hero emerged. Hildra offered to save the civilized races of Midland, and in exchange, her warpath would become the territories of Men. With a combined force, she drove the Vyrmin south and cut Midland from Lowland. The trail of victory became the lands of the Long March.