The World Edit

The Known World Edit

The material world is not endless, but it is nearly endless.  Midland is the center of the Known World, with Lowland to the south.  The Known World is bordered by a sea of mist, from which no explorer has returned.




The Hidden World Edit

The world "Over the Wall" is beyond comprehension, but in places where the Wall is thin, glimpses of the Hidden World appear.  The Hidden World is the home of the Gods, as well as spirits, demons, devils, and other supernatural entities.

The Mythic Past Edit

According to Jorvah the Scribe:

It is my belief that the civilized races share ancestry with the Vyrmin that walk amongst the Ghost Sands of Lowland.  Prior to a great cataclysmic event, Midland and Lowland were one land and one race.
 ...When the Highfather first came to this world from Over the Wall, he offered the primitive race of the world his Gift.  Those that accepted the Gift became the Gods, each one bearing unique children that would become the civlized races.  Those that rejected the Gift remained primitive and beastly, although powerful beyond measure, attaining Godhood in their own way.  Their children were the Vyrmin.
...While the Gifted struggled to form the Early Kingdoms, the Vyrmin thrived in disorder.  The Early Kingdoms nearly fell to the Vyrmin, until Hildra led the armies of civilization in the Long March.  The Vyrmin were driven southward, and with the Highfather's own blade she cut the land in two, separating Midland and Lowland.