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This Wiki is meant as a reference resource for two custom campaign settings: The Hidden World (Dungeons and Dragons) and Pittsburgh: Survival City (World of Darkness).

The Hidden WorldEdit

Too often we have the need to understand and explain every nook and cranny of a fantasy world. The Hidden World is a reimagining of the a typical, fairy-tale D&D setting with some stones left unturned. Adventure begins with the unknown; will you venture Over the Wall into the Hidden World?

Pittsburgh: Survival CityEdit

In the year 2022, something happened to our skies. Once, the weather of Pittsburgh was a topic of jovial conversation. Now, the world is desperate and bleak and the once prosperous cities of industry are scavenging pits of survival. Summer turns to Winter, Winter back to Summer, sometimes for years and sometimes all within one day. Creeps roam the streets; the Beastmen whose fur protects them from the cold, the pale Hemo worship blood cults in their sewer lairs, shunning the light of the sun, and the steel mills that were once the pride and joy of the city now produce nightmare abominations of flesh and rust.

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