Arthos Village

Arthos is the southernmost kingdom of Men along the Long march , bordered by Razor's Edge to the South and Kanain to the North.  Arthos is a homely, industrious kingdom with a significant civlized Vyrmin minority population due to its proximity to Razor's Edge.



A small village along the Muddy Creek responsible for much of Midland's pottery due to the quality of the soil.


A marshy forest bordering the Everglade.


A wealthy barony above Grewik Village.


A fishing village along the Muddy Creek.


The capital of Arthos, a large village with a small castle keep.


A struggling slum, home of the civlized Vyrmin populations looking for work in Pottsfield.


A farming hamlet bordering the Coastlands.

Notable Figures and FamiliesEdit

Waltin ReneEdit

The Lord of Arthos, whose stance on Vyrmin has been the most liberal in history.

Rene FamilyEdit

The current ruling family, who has adopted Gorga, a half-orc, as a grandson.  For this, the Rene family has earned the scorn of the rest of Midland, particularly from The Shoulders.  However, his adoption, and his presumed future marriage to Marget Rene, have both been blessed by The Old Crown.

Galt ClewyneEdit

The wealthiest man in Arthos, Galt owns the Greyhill barony, the Alebury distillery, and the caravans used for ale and pottery distribution.  Many of the lower class citizens of Arthos resent Galt's ownership, however he is a significant patron of the churches and temples across the state, and the priests endorse him.

Gorga ReneEdit

A half-orc, who worked his way into politics from Vyrmir.  He began his career in Whettle as an advocate for the Vyrmin population, and eventually became so favored by the court that he was adopted into the Rene family, the first legal adoption of this kind.  The Vyrmin population's opinion is split, with many thinking he is a hero and a shining example of what Vyrmin have to offer, while others feel that he is an apologist and a traitor.


Gorga's most noteworthy critic, whose stance on anti-integration has led to the creation of the Green and Red, an alliance of Orcs and Tieflings who take pride in their Vyrmin ancestry.


The principal dieties worshipped in Arthos are Gond (Craft), Waukeen (Trade), and Torm (Self-Sacrifice).  The civlized Vyrmin populations also worship Ilmater (Endurance) and Tymora (Good Fortune), and rumor has it that there are hidden cults of Gruumsh (Corruption) and Loviatar (Pain) in the Vyrmir slums.